Microsoft Surface Makes It on Oprah's "Favorite Things," 2012

Placed 20 on the list, Surface is preceded by the Corkcicle

Indeed, on Oprah Winfrey’s list of favorite things for 2012 there is Surface, Microsoft’s first tablet, priced $499 (32GB).

Not too many tech products made it on the list but, apparently, Microsoft’s gadget overwhelmed Oprah to such an extent that it was elevated to “wowser” status, and I don’t mean the original Australian reference.

However, unlike other tablets (read iPad) promoted by the Big O, Microsoft’s Surface was not labeled the “number one favorite thing EVER!” and did not benefit from primetime (which probably explains why there was no chorus of angels singing when O announced it).

Some of the feats of the device that most impressed Oprah are the built-in full keyboard, the kickstand and the fact that it dubs as a valid laptop alternative. In order to relay how high-class it is, she compared the Surface to a Mercedes-Benz.

If you’re wondering about the exact “location” of the gadget on the list, know that it’s just ahead of Wagging Tail Custom Portrait Cards and behind the Corkcicle.

Other items that Oprah prized more than Surface are the Pedestal Fan, an entertainment system (Bose VideoWave II), a pet canister and bowl, a nail polish set and a cycling helmet with no less than nine cooling vents. First on the list is a “deliciously scented” soap set from Lafco. Enough said?

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