Microsoft: The Best Free Office Alternative Is Office

The company keeps promoting the freeware Office Web Apps

Microsoft has again started promoting the freeware Office Web Apps, as more and more free productivity applications are going live every week.

This time, Microsoft claims that "the best free alternative to Office is Office," as the web-based version of the productivity suite offers the essential tools you'll ever need at absolutely no cost.

The tech giant then goes on to describe the advantages of using Office Web Apps, including the support for PCs, Mac, iOS, and Android, but also the rich-feature package that comprises Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

SkyDrive integration is available as well, so in case you're looking for a quick way to share documents created in Office, this is the service you need, Microsoft says.

"Office Web Apps look and feel like Office, so you already know how to use them. This means nothing new to learn. And, because Office always ensures your content formatting and functionality remain intact, you can share with confidence knowing that your documents will look as intended (and don't get garbled like they do with some alternatives)," the company noted.

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