Microsoft Trying to Stop Illegal Windows 7 ISO Downloads

The company has sent DMCA complaints against lots of websites

Microsoft goes on with the fight against software pirates across the world, this time with plenty of DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaints supposed to take down some of the websites distributing illegal copies of Windows 7.

The Windows Club has spotted some new DMCA complaints against websites hosting links to Windows 7 ISOs, including famous file sharing websites and torrent trackers.

Of course, the tech giant most likely wants all of them down as soon as possible, even though we all know that links to pirated versions of Windows will go back online in no time.

Surprisingly, Windows 7 remains the most pirated version of Microsoft’s operating system, despite the fact that the company has already debuted Windows 8 and is even getting ready to introduce a major update called Windows 8.1.

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