Microsoft Turning to Hollywood to Promote Windows 8

The company’s marketing blitz continues with a new advertising effort

Microsoft has already sold a total of 40 million Windows 8 copies in the first month of availability, but this doesn’t seem to be enough for the Redmond-based devices and services firm.

Microsoft will thus continue its Windows 8 advertising efforts with a special event scheduled to take place on Thursday, December 6. writes that celebrity TV news show Access Hollywood will play a key role in Microsoft’s Windows 8 event that will take place in Venice, California.

As far as the software giant is concerned, there will also be some gifts, but more details on the event are expected to be announced in a couple of days.

Keep in mind, however, that Microsoft’s upcoming event will give you the chance to “win some of Microsoft’s new products,” so if you wish to receive a Surface for free, this could actually be the right moment to get one.

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