Microsoft Updates Surface Pro Storage FAQ, Reveals the Real Available Space

The company has just released an update for the Surface Pro storage FAQ website

The Surface with Windows 8 Pro is sold in two different flavors, with 64 GB and 128 GB of storage space, but it’s not a secret anymore that users actually get a lot less space.

According to some initial storage specs released by Microsoft, the 128 GB was believed to be offered with 83 GB of available space, but later tests proved that the company was actually wrong.

Now, the Redmond-based technology titan has updated the official storage FAQ page to reveal the official figures and to confirm that the 128 GB model actually comes with 89 GB of free space. The 64 GB version has 29 GB of available storage reported by File Explorer.

The recovery image, the one that’s expected to be removed by many users wanting more space, needs approximately 9 GB on the disk, according to Microsoft’s information.

Check out the available table on the official Surface Pro storage stats and let us know what you think in the comment box after the jump.

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