Microsoft Working on New Modern Apps for Windows 8

The Bing team could launch a few new apps for Microsoft’s new OS

Windows 8 already comes with several pre-installed Bing applications, including Sports, Weather, News, Finance, Travel and Map, but it seems that the Redmond-based technology titan is planning to develop even more Modern apps aimed at the new platform.

Brian MacDonald, the corporate vice president in charge of the Bing Application Experiences team, hinted during a chat with ZDNet that Microsoft may release some new apps in the near future, but he refused to provide more details on their features.

“We're going to do a few things beyond these apps, but we have nothing to announce right now,” he said.

Such a move could obviously make Windows 8 a bit more attractive for Windows consumers, as the lack of applications available on the new platform is considered one of the main reasons for the poor sales performance recorded by Windows 8 so far.

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