Microsoft and NextGen Join Forces for Medical Windows 8 App

The MedicineCabinet Windows 8 app is now available in the Store

Microsoft and NextGen Healthcare Information System have partnered to create a consumer-based mobile healthcare information technology tool aimed at Windows 8 users.

In just a few words, the medical app is mostly a quick and effective tool that allows customers to create, store, track and share personal medication records.

It takes full advantage of Windows 8’s features, including the live tiles technology, so it shows relevant medical information right in the Start Screen.

“By leveraging the power and flexibility of the Microsoft Windows 8 platform, we can now provide our customers and patients with an easy online tool that allows them to actively engage in their well-being, ultimately enhancing care delivery and results,” explained Ike Ellison, executive vice president of business development for NextGen Healthcare.

The app is available right now in the Windows Store and can be installed on desktop versions of Windows 8, but also on Windows RT tablets.

For more information on the MedicineCabinet app, click here to load the Windows Store product page in your browser.

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