Microsoft in Talks to Buy DailyMotion Video Sharing Service Reuters

Report claims that Microsoft is already talking with DailyMotion on a potential takeover

Microsoft is reportedly in talks to buy French video sharing service DailyMotion, who is now looking for a new investor that could help it compete against Google’s very own YouTube.

Citing a report by French publication Le Journal du Dimanche, Reuters is writing that Microsoft “wants a stake” in DailyMotion’s capital, which is still owned by telecoms operator Orange.

While no details have been provided until now, DailyMotion continues the search for a new investor that could provide the necessary funds and know-how to compete with its long-time rival YouTube, currently owned by search giant Google.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is said to be interested in several media services, with previous reports indicated that Redmond planned to purchase French online music group Deezer. According to new speculation, South Korean electronics giant Samsung is now talking with Deezer about a potential takeover.

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