Microsoft in Talks to Purchase Smartwatch Maker Basis

Redmond is said to be one of the companies interested in a takeover

Redmond-based software giant Microsoft is said to be one of the companies interested in taking over Basis Science, the company that created the well-known Basis Health Tracker Watch.

With more and more rumors claiming that Microsoft is interested in developing a smartwatch, such an acquisition would pretty much make sense, especially because some other tech giants are also reportedly trying to purchase Basis, including Google and Apple, both of which are working on similar projects.

TechCrunch is reporting, via unnamed sources, that the companies involved in the talks are willing to purchase Basis for less than $100 million (€73 million).

Microsoft is believed to be working on a smartwatch that would compete with Apple’s own iWatch, another unconfirmed project that’s very likely to see daylight sometime this year. Of course, Microsoft is looking to make a Windows-powered smartwatch, with future versions of its operating system to be specifically optimized to run on small-screen devices.

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