Microsoft’s Anti-Google Petition Barely Attracts 4,500 Signatures

The company hopes to get a total of 25,000 signatures

Microsoft’s anti-Google campaign continues with the revamped “Scroogled” campaign aimed at Gmail, the email service that allegedly violates users’ privacy by looking into their emails to display relevant ads.

As we’ve already told you, the Redmond-based technology giant also launched a petition to request users’ support and “tell Google to stop going through emails to sell ads,” but as far people around the world are concerned, the search giant doesn’t violate their privacy.

The petition barely attracted 4,500 signatures almost one week after launch, even though it has been heavily advertised ever since the company made it public.

Microsoft hopes to attract a total of 25,000 signatures and thus convince Google that looking into users’ emails isn’t the right thing to do, while also planning to convince some of them to move to its very own service.

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