Microsoft’s Outlook and Office 365 Services Down – February 1, 2013 (Updated)

The company has yet to provide details on the matter

Redmond-based software giant Microsoft appears to have some issues with its Outlook and Office 365 services today, as users report that both of them are currently down.

We have tried unsuccessfully to access for a while now, but the website does not seem to load., on the other hand, does load, yet Microsoft customers claim that the Office 365 subscription service is not working at the moment. The Twitter page of Office 365 Status notes that there are indeed issues with the service, but that they are currently being investigated.

Microsoft’s Online Services portal doesn’t seem to be working at the moment either, nor the website.

We have reached to Microsoft for a comment on the matter, and we’ll update this post as soon as more info emerges.

Update: At the moment, Microsoft's portal notes that there was an issue with SkyDrive earlier today, but that it has been already resolved, and that all other services are working normally.

“SkyDrive is currently experiencing issues accessing items, adding, editing or removing files. You may also receive errors while publishing content with Windows Photo Gallery in an online album. We're working to fix the problem as quickly as we can,” SkyDrive's status history reads.

Update 2: A Microsoft spokesperson contacted us and confirmed that the issues have been fixed and all services are, indeed, working normally.

“Some Microsoft services experienced a short-term issue as a result of a networking adjustment. We worked quickly to roll back the adjustments made, and all services are now restored to normal.”

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