Microsoft’s Surface Matches the iPad in Users’ Top Choices

Study shows that Microsoft’s tablet grows in popularity

Microsoft is quite a new player in the tablet industry, but the company is quickly becoming a top choice for those looking to buy such a device.

According to a study conducted by Toluna QuickSurveys and released by Huffington Post, 12.5 percent of all computer users would purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet that comes with Windows 8 Pro and runs legacy Windows apps.

12.9 percent of the respondents would choose Apple’s iPad, which is currently regarded as one of the fiercest rivals for Microsoft’s very own Surface.

The Surface Pro is going to be released in early 2013, so Microsoft still hopes to see the Surface RT becoming more popular than the iPad.

The study suggests that won’t happen however, as only 2 percent of those participating in the survey admitted they would purchase a Windows RT device.

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