Microsoft to Get EU’s Go-Ahead for Nokia Deal Soon Reuters

Report claims that Microsoft is close to receiving EU’s OK for completing the deal

The Microsoft – Nokia deal is expected to receive the green light from EU’s antitrust body very soon, a new report claims, which means that the takeover can be completed in early 2014 as it was initially planned.

Citing sources close to the matter, Reuters writes that the European Union is set to give its OK for the deal “without conditions.” The European antitrust regulators have set a December 4 deadline for a decision, which means that an announcement is expected in just a couple of weeks.

Russia, India, and Turkey have already agreed with the deal, so it’s only a matter of time until Microsoft completes the takeover.

Microsoft announced the acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services unit in September for $7.30 billion (€5.4 billion), with Redmond pointing out that such a move is part of its broader plan to migrate towards devices and services.

Nokia’s shareholders have recently given the green light to the deal, so the sale is very likely to be completed in the first weeks of 2014.

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