Mozilla Confirms Firefox for Windows 8 with Metro Interface

The company says that it’s now working on the project

Mozilla has already confirmed that it planned to release a Windows 8 version of its popular Firefox browser, but the company now comes back to provide a bit more information on its project.

According to V3, Mozilla intends to build a single Firefox executable file that would support both the desktop and the Metro/Modern UI of the new Windows 8. In addition, the same package could be used on older versions of Windows, including XP and 7.

“The team is at work building a browser for the Metro environment, but we don't have new test builds to share at the moment,” a company spokesperson told the source. “Our plan is to have a single Firefox executable that will offer users both the classic browser interface as well as one tailored for Metro.”

An early build has already been released to run in the Metro UI, but Mozilla remains tight-lipped on the official release date of the new project.

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