Mozilla Joins Microsoft’s DNT War, Says Firefox Users Want Privacy

8 percent of users of Mozilla’s Firefox for desktop enable DNT

Microsoft’s factory-enabled Do Not Track option available in Internet Explorer 10 has stirred up quite a lot of criticism coming from advertisers, while privacy advocates have applauded the company’s efforts.

Mozilla, on the other hand, offers Firefox with an optional Do Not Track feature, which means that users have to turn on this particular option manually whenever they want to block websites from collecting browsing data.

And 8 percent of those using the desktop version of Firefox have already enabled Do Not Track, the company said in a statement, trying to explain that “there is a real user appetite for choice on issues on web privacy.”

In addition, more than 19 percent of Firefox for Android users have also turned to Do Not Track to protect their privacy, so privacy concerns have also reached the mobile industry.

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