Mozilla Launches Firefox 18.0.2 Officially

Bug accounted for 20% of the crashes in Firefox 18

The current build for Firefox browser popped up on Mozilla’s servers yesterday, but at the time we announced that there were no official notes available, only speculations and rumors about the release.

Now we know that the cause for launching a second update for Firefox 18 was a bug that accounted for 20% the crashes occurring in Firefox 18. However, it is a different bug than the one some initially believed to be the culprit, although both of them generated JavaScript related stability issues.

In other news, a fresh build for Firefox 19 beta (5) is due to emerge by the end of the day. There are still some concerns relating to the way some click-to-play notifications are displayed as well as a memory leak occurring when using regular expressions.

However, the developer will try to solve the remaining issues and stick to the schedule which shows February 19 as the release date for Firefox 19 stable.

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