Mozilla Thunderbird 17 Available for Download

On Windows, tabs are now available in the title bar

Although its email client is no longer among the priorities, Mozilla continues to make interesting changes in Thunderbird. The freshly launched version 17 brings to the table some aesthetic changes, as well as repairs and performance improvements.

Starting this version, the tabs are present in the title bar of the application (on Windows) and the menu bar is no longer visible by default (press Alt key to reveal it). However, you can access the menu from the Application Menu icon next to the search bar.

Significant repairs addressed in Thunderbird 17 (ESR release also available) touch on problems that prevented full word spell checking or caused the client to download emails repeatedly. Users should be able to view RSS feeds in the Wide View Layout.

Just like in the case of Firefox 17, this is the last version of the client Mac OS X 10.5 users can update to.

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