Mystery Solved: the Meaning of Each Color Included in Microsoft’s New Logo

The company reveals the meaning of each of the four colors

As you probably know by now, Microsoft went through a serious rebranding process in preparation for the Windows 8 launch, so the company recently received a brand new logo.

The logo features four different colors that remind us of the old-fashioned Windows operating system, but the meaning of each of these actually concerns the other products of the company.

Seth Eliot, a Microsoft employee, revealed that blue comes from Windows, Windows Live, Server, SQL Server, Azure, and Internet Explorer, while red is being used for Office. Green represents Xbox and Xbox Live, while yellow “is still a mystery.” It probably stands for Bing, the company’s search engine though.

There are however several important Microsoft products that aren’t included in the logo, such as Skype, Windows Phone, Dynamics and Visual Studio, so don’t be too surprised if some of these will get a new logo anytime soon.

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