Nearly 40,000 Metro Apps Now Available on Windows 8

The number of apps submitted to the Store is increasing at a very slow pace

Windows 8 was released on October 26 with more than 5,000 apps available in the Store, but Microsoft promised at that time that the number of tools offered to its users would grow bigger in a very short time.

The Windows Store currently has nearly 40,000 apps, or 39,860 to be more precise, according to MetroStore Scanner, an unofficial source that tracks the software submitted to the Store.

Microsoft initially said that it planned to get around 100,000 apps in the Store by February 2013, but it seems like the company has even failed to reach half of that goal.

The good thing is that world-renowned companies have started to create their own official Windows 8 apps, including Dropbox, Yahoo, CNN and Adobe. Google and Facebook, on the other hand, have both confirmed that they had no plans to release new apps for Windows 8.

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