New Windows 8 App Updates Available for Download

Microsoft releases new versions of both the Finance and the News apps

Microsoft continues to improve the built-in Windows 8 apps on a regular basis, so new versions of the Finance and the News tools are available for download in the Store.

Surprisingly, the company hasn’t provided any official release notes for the two apps, so the changelog remains unchanged from the previous builds.

They both continue to work on x86, x64 and ARM flavors of the Windows 8 operating system, with the update being delivered through the integrated Windows Store.

As usual, adopters of Microsoft’s newest operating system have nothing else to do than to launch the Store and check the “Updates” section. The new versions are automatically installed in just a few seconds.

The previous builds brought content from additional partners and a bunch of performance enhancements, but we still need to wait a little bit longer until Microsoft unveils the new release notes.

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