New Windows RT Whitelist Flash Tool Released for Download

Here’s a quick way to enable Flash websites to load on your Windows RT tablet

As you probably know by now if you’re a Windows 8 or Windows RT user, Microsoft needs to manually approve every single Flash website before they’re allowed to be loaded on your computer.

Of course, software developers have quickly developed a way to bypass this restriction and edit the whitelist with custom entries that don’t need Microsoft’s approval, but the application has recently received an update that makes the whole process even faster and easier.

The tool doesn’t require any installation and comes with a total of 6 options, allowing you to use the custom whitelist, restore the default Flash settings, back up or restore your whitelist or add a URL to your custom whitelist.

Unsurprisingly, the application works like a charm on all Windows RT tablets and, as far as users are concerned, this is one of the most helpful tools ever released for Microsoft’s new operating system.

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