Nokia Engineer Publishes Tutorial on How to Crack Windows 8 Games

Justin Angel provides step-by-step instructions on how to pirate Windows 8 software

We’ve already told you that an illegal app allows users to quickly download the full version of a Windows 8 app without paying for it, but a Nokia engineer has now released detailed instructions on how to do it.

While this is clearly bad for Microsoft and its new operating system, it all comes down a fairly complex process that’s described in a long blog post by Nokia employee Justin Angel.

What’s more, it appears that Angel has found a way to remove in-app ads and even to inject JavaScript code in some of the Windows Store apps to unlock unavailable features.

Here's a link to the original blog post by Justin Angel, provided solely for informative purposes, but keep in mind that the article is very likely be removed in a few hours. Microsoft is yet to issue a comment, but we’ll keep you updated on this subject.

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