Norton Satellite for Windows 8 Scans Your Facebook and Twitter Feeds for Malware

This is one of the best security tools for users of social networks

Since more and more malware is spreading via social networks, running a full-featured anti-virus tool is absolutely mandatory if you wish to stay on the safe side all the time.

Norton Satellite adds one more security layer to your computer by scanning your Facebook and Twitter feeds for malicious links straight from your Metro UI.

The application comes with a freeware license and also supports Dropbox accounts, checking all items stored in the cloud for malware. It can check EXE, DLL and MSI files, according to the product description.

Norton Satellite supports all Windows 8 builds, including x86, x64 and ARM, but local PC and external storage scan options do not work on Windows RT tablets, such as Microsoft’s own Surface RT.

Click here to view Norton Satellite’s product page in your browser.

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