Norton Satellite for Windows 8 Update Released for Download

The app has just received several improvements and is now available in the Store

Symantec has just released a new version of its Norton Satellite for Windows 8 app that scans social networking feeds for malicious links.

The update brings support for SkyDrive so, in addition to Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox, Norton Satellite will also scan your SkyDrive files to check for malicious data.

The app scans .exe, .dll and .msi files, while also identifying unsafe files on your PC and external storage.

Norton Satellite can be used on any Windows 8 device, regardless of whether it’s running x86, x64 or ARM builds of the new Microsoft operating system. Still, keep in mind that scanning local files and external storage devices isn’t available on Windows RT, the operating system installed by Microsoft on tablets.

Click here to view the updated Store page of Norton Satellite in your browser.

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