Office 365 on Track to Become Microsoft’s Fastest Growing Business

The Office 365 platform is growing up at a really remarkable pace

Microsoft’s Office 365 platform is growing at a rate that has impressed everyone within the Redmond campus, so company CEO Steve Ballmer revealed during the annual shareholder meeting that it could become one of the fastest growing businesses in the history of the company.

Especially supposed to convert the traditional Office platform into a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, Office 365 is apparently enjoying a terrific success among companies, Steve Ballmer said without actually providing any official numbers.

“Office 365 is on track to be one of our fastest-growing businesses ever,” he briefly said during his keynote.

In addition, Ballmer has revealed that Microsoft had returned more than $10 billion (€7.7 billion) to shareholders through stock buybacks and dividends, emphasizing that the Redmond-based technology giant remains a very profitable entity.

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