One More YouTube Dad Finds Windows 8 Confusing – Video

Yet another clip to emphasize that Microsoft’s new OS isn’t quite easy to use

It’s no secret that Windows 8 is considered a confusing operating system, but ever since the Redmond-based technology company rolled it out, plenty of clips got published on YouTube to demonstrate that the newest Windows isn’t at all user-friendly.

This time, another dad is trying Windows 8 for the first time and, unsurprisingly, he finds the operating system pretty confusing.

While this anti-Windows 8 campaign is getting pretty boring lately, we can’t help but admit that first-time users may be a bit confused with the Metro UI and the Start Screen. Of course, the lack of a Start button makes things ever worse.

But in the end, it may be just a matter of time until everybody gets used to it. Have a look at this clip and tell us what you think.

And “Dad,” quit smoking for God’s sake, that cough won’t go away just because you hate Windows 8.

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