Opera 12.11 Available for Download

According to the “About,” it’s a beta release candidate

It looks like the developers at Opera are on fire these days because they just rolled out Opera 12.11. Just two days after wrapping up 12.10 stable version.

According to the “About” section in the browser, the new revision is actually a beta release candidate.

As unexpected as this release may be, the reason for launching it is quite simple: the development team managed to refine some fixes that did not make it into Opera 12.10. Plus, as the announcing post noted, “higher is always better” and this “seems to be popular these days.”

The fixes included in this beta RC address a crash in JavaScript garbage collection on OS X, a problem with zooming using Ctrl+scroll as well as trouble with tab thumbnail animation on OS X.

Furthermore, the developer managed to correct the failure to activate the next tab when closing a page, under certain conditions.

Head over to this page for the full list of repairs in this version.

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