Outlook 2013 Drops Support for .DOC and .XLS Formats

Microsoft has decided to remove several old features from Outlook 2013

The new Office 2013 productivity suite will be released in early 2013 and together with it, Microsoft is also introducing the upgraded Outlook 2013 solution.

The app will obviously come with a wide array of improvements, but Microsoft has also decided to remove several old features, such as support for .DOC and .XLS formats.

In addition, Outlook 2013 will no longer display search results for mail and calendar items in Windows Explorer and users won’t be allowed to configure VPN and dialup preferences directly into the app.

“Exchange accounts will no longer be able to have their delivery location be a PST file (rather an .OST),” Microsoft continued, while also adding that “users will no longer be able to publish calendars publicly to Office.com using Outlook 2013, and the Office.com calendar sharing service will be shutting down for older versions of Outlook as well.”

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