PCMark 7 1.4.0 Available for Download

Fully compatible with Windows 8, scores are affected by modifications

Today, FutureMark released an update for PCMark 7 to version 1.4.0. The fresh revision is fully compatible with Windows 8 and includes several improvements compared to the previous build, as well as bug fixes.

The developer enhanced the accuracy in frames measurement resulting from video playback. PCMark 7 Storage tests also show “raw” results that exclude the metric idle values from the score calculation; the regular results are also available.

In the case of hardware acceleration of video transcoding there is a new troubleshooting option: "Enable hardware accelerated video transcoding;" you can find it under the Help menu.

In order to eliminate compatibility issues with Windows 8, the developer had the Web Browsing test completely rewritten. The new implementation is a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application and the scores are affected and should not be compared with those from previous PCMark 7 releases.

Further modifications are available on this page. Download PCMark 7.

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