Reckless Racing Ultimate for Windows 8 Updated, Download Now

A new version of the game is now published in the Windows Store

Reckless Racing Ultimate, one of the most popular Microsoft Studios games on the Windows 8 platform, has just received an update that brings several feature improvements.

While the release notes only point to the title update, the new version also brings several performance enhancements, so a better gaming experience should be provided on all Windows 8 builds.

The game comes with 24 vehicles, 20 Career mode cups, 50 arcade challengers and over 150 customizable events, as well as with Xbox multiplayer support for online gaming.

While Reckless Racing Ultimate can also be played on Windows RT tablets, it provides mouse, keyboard and USB Xbox controller support, so you can simply plug in a game controller into your Surface RT and play it on an external device.

Click here to view the Reckless Racing Ultimate for Windows 8 product page in your browser.

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