RoboForm 7.8.6 Available for Download

No new features present, developer focuses on repairs

Siber Systems released build 7.8.6 of their password filler, RoboForm. There are no new features present in this build, but it brings to the table plenty of fixes touching on the Editor and better integration with the supported web browsers.

In the case of the Editor, the developer improved the speed for loading up Identities and the focus is on the main edit box when a new safenote is created. On the same note, long passcard notes are no longer opened already scrolled down to the end of the entry.

For Firefox users, the new revision comes with dynamic resize for the RoboForm toolbar and collapsing of button labels.

On Chrome, the repairs refer to the basic authentication dialog that lost focus after RoboForm attached a toolbar. Another fixed bug refers to RoboForm sometimes opening in the wrong window.

Check out the full list of modifications. Download RoboForm.

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