Sandboxie 3.66 Available for Download

Improves compatibility with web browsers and Windows 7 taskbar

Sandboxie has been updated recently to a new build, which, among others, improves handling of the sandboxed programs. Thus, version 3.66 of the application brings to the table improved compatibility with various programs as well as the Windows 7 taskbar.

There is increased compatibility with various programs, such as web browsers and security products.

However, there is a new write-only feature, which gives the programs in the sandbox the possibility to create new files or registry keys within the write-only locations. Furthermore, files and registry keys outside the sandbox can be hidden, similar to the closed paths feature.

Compatibility issues related to Windows 7 taskbar have also been addressed. Starting this version the programs in the sandbox will display the sandbox name when right-clicking the task bar button.

Also, there will be separate buttons for programs available in different sandboxes and middle-clicking the taskbar button will launch a copy of the program in the same sandbox.

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