Skype Tool Gets Firefox and Chrome Support Download

Microsoft releases a new version of the Skype Click to Call utility

The popular Skype Click to Call app has received a new update that brings several major improvements, including support for two top browsers, namely Firefox 18 and Chrome 23.

While Click to Call also works on Internet Explorer and Safari, Firefox and Chrome users are now allowed to call any number quickly and easily as they browse the web.

In addition, the application now features Windows 8 compatibility, as well as various performance and stability improvements.

Last but not least, Microsoft says that numbers which are free to call are now highlighted in magenta to spot them easier, regardless of the browser you’re currently using. The app works on the majority of Windows versions currently on the market, including Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Download Skype Click to Call 6.5 from Softpedia for free

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