Skype for Windows 8 Gets Video Messaging, Download Now

An updated version of the Skype client is now available for download

Microsoft rolled out the video messaging option for the standard Windows version of Skype a couple of days ago, promising to bring the same feature on Windows 8 “as soon as possible.”

The highly-anticipated moment has arrived, as Microsoft has just released an updated version of the Windows 8 Skype client that packs the aforementioned video messaging tool, as well as general fixes and improvements for the new operating system.

As you probably know by now, video messaging allows Skype users to record and send clips to offline contacts, just like a regular text message. Once the contact goes online, he/she is allowed to watch it in a standard conversation window.

Microsoft is also working on bringing the same feature on Windows Phone platforms, so expect even more news on this in the near future.

Download Skype for Windows 8 with video messaging from Softpedia for free

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