Softpedia Exclusive Giveaway: novaPDF Lite v7

Grab your free license of novaPDF Lite and start creating PDFs today

It's our last weekend of holiday promotions and so we're offering yet another unlimited giveaway. Today, you can get your hands on one of the most popular PDF creators of the moment. novaPDF helps you generate PDFs from any printable resource without requiring Adobe Acrobat, GhostScript or any other third-party software.

novaPDF Lite will install itself as a virtual printer, so, in order to create a PDF, all you have to do is print the file and select novaPDF as output printer, of course. You are no longer confined to a single application, PDFs can easily be generated from any application with a printing function − be it Notepad, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Excel, AutoCAD or even your browser or email client.

First of all, novaPDF not only allows you to create high-quality, searchable PDF files, but you can also customize their settings. You'll be able to set document information (title, subject, author, keywords, etc), orientation, resolution, page size and scaling.

One of the main advantages of novaPDF is the ability to create profiles: with each profile you can customize various settings for your PDF, whether it's page size, resolution, fonts or saving settings.

Futhermore, novaPDF allows you to embed the fonts you've used inside your PDF, so it can easily be read and printed on any system, maintaining the original intended design, without distributing those fonts separately.

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