Software Pirate Pays $41,000 (€30,500) to Microsoft

One more company that sold counterfeited software agrees to pay thousands in damages

Microsoft continues its fight against software pirates all over the world, this time with an important victory in Dubai.

A software reseller that allegedly sold pirated Dell-branded Windows Certificates of Authenticity label has agreed to pay AED 150,000 (which is approximately $41,000/€30,500) in damages to the Redmond-based technology titan in order to settle a lawsuit.

The unnamed reseller has admitted to infringing Microsoft’s rights, writes adding that the company signed an agreement to prevent similar cases in the future.

“Pirated or counterfeit software has an enormous impact upon the software industry. Piracy hurts our honest channel partners who are just trying to earn a living. Partners who must compete with pirates lose more than software revenue; they lose system sales and the opportunity to service those customers over the years,” Dale Waterman, Microsoft's corporate attorney for Anti-Piracy for the Middle East and Africa, said in a statement.

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