StartIsBack Start Button Now Working on Windows 8.1 Preview

Yet another Start button is getting Windows 8.1 compatibility

The current stable build of StartIsBack, the famous Start Menu replacement aimed at Windows 8 users, doesn’t work on Microsoft’s new Windows 8.1 Preview, but the developers behind the project have promised to deal with this issue as soon as possible.

Now a new alpha version of the application is supposed to work on Windows 8.1 Preview and bring back the original Start button that also includes a Start Menu and doesn’t get users to the Start screen.

Of course, since it’s just an alpha flavor, the app could be very unstable and might not work on all Windows 8.1 Preview devices out there, but it’s still a sign that a stable version is under development.

StartIsBack uses the Windows 8.1 Preview Start button image, but with a different animation, just to make sure that users can distinguish the third-party version from the original one.

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