Steve Ballmer Insists: Windows 8 Is Just Better Than Windows 7

Microsoft’s CEO praises the new Windows OS once again

More and more studies are pointing out that previous Windows users aren’t quite willing to make the move to Windows 8, but Steve Ballmer can’t stop praising the new operating system.

Speaking with LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman at the Churchill Club, Steve Ballmer once again said that Microsoft has re-imagined Windows, emphasizing that “Windows 8 is just better than Windows 7.”

Surprisingly, a survey conducted by antivirus firm Avast reveals that Windows 7 users aren’t attracted at all by the new operating system and they would rather switch to Apple than buy Windows 8.

In addition, Ballmer has talked about Steven Sinofsky’s departure, again without mentioning the true reason for his decision to leave the company. “I wish him well,” Ballmer said during the interview, explaining that Sinofsky made “one of the most amazing contributions anyone’s made to any company.”

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