Steve Ballmer Is “Unbelievably Self-Aware” – Reed Hastings

Ballmer is the right man for Microsoft, the Netflix CEO said

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will remain at the helm of the software titan until 2017 or 2018, even if former Windows boss Steven Sinofsky dreamed about taking over his role a lot earlier.

And that’s very encouraging for Microsoft’s long-term future, as Ballmer is the right man for the job, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told Dow Jones reporters and editors a few days ago.

“And you guys know Ballmer. He is unbelievably self-aware, self-critical, smart. He’s the last guy to be in any little bit of denial,” Hastings explained.

Ballmer has adopted a much more quiet approach in the last few years, as secrecy surrounding Microsoft’s products has grown a lot.

Many claim that Microsoft is actually copying Apple’s example, while analysts suggest that all these mysteries do the software giant more harm than good.

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