Steve Ballmer Wants to Buy NBA Basketball Team

Seattle could get a new basketball team thanks to Microsoft’s CEO

When he doesn’t crash others’ press conferences, Steve Ballmer likes to do a lot of things, such as holding talks on a potential acquisition of a basketball team.

Yahoo Sports reports that Ballmer is currently leading an investment group that’s ready to pay as much as $500 million (€383 million) to buy the Sacrament Kings team and bring it to Seattle.

Rumor has it that the Maloof family, the current owner of the basketball team and of many other businesses across the United States, is willing to sell the Kings, so Ballmer’s plan to bring a new basketball team in the city of Seattle could finally turn into reality.

In case the two sides reach an agreement, the new team would play on Seattle’s KeyArena for approximately two years, but the group of investors intends to build a completely new arena for home games.

What’s more, it appears that Ballmer and his investors want to use the Seattle SuperSonics nickname, which is actually the original name of the Seattle team that moved to Oklahoma City in 2008.

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