Superbird Keeps Data from Being Sent to Google

It is based on Chromium project, has the look and feel of Google Chrome

Superbird is based on the open source Chromium project and it looks and feels just like Google Chrome, with one exception: the details about your browsing session are not delivered to the Mountain View company.

Designed with protecting user privacy in mind, Superbird web browser does not allow information that is usually sent to Google servers to escape from your computer, even if it is delivered anonymously.

In order to build up usage statistics and to improve their product, every browser maker receives some details from their software, such as download location, installation ID, malfunction reports, etc. All this is sent anonymously.

In the case of Superbird browser, none of these details is sent and you benefit from the same features as in Google Chrome. Check this page for a list of the information Superbird does not send.

Download Superbird browser

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