Telstra Disappointed with Microsoft’s Windows Live Email Service

Company CEO says that he’s now looking at another email platform

Telstra announced back in 2012 that its BigPond customers would be moved to Microsoft’s Windows Live email, in an effort to provide them with a more reliable and faster service.

But according to company CEO David Thodey, it all turned out to be a disappointing move, as Microsoft’s email platform isn’t performing as expected.

Thodey said during the company’s annual meeting that Windows Live caused a lot of issues to customers, so Telstra is now looking into some other email platforms.

"It's caused us to go back and relook at what we're doing now," Thodey was quoted as saying by ZDNet. "The background to the decision was that we had built our own email platform ... and we were challenged to keep it up to date with the sort of functionality we thought we'd need to have in an integrated messaging world. It's been OK, but not as good as we thought it was going to be."

In the meantime, Microsoft is going all in on, the revamped email platform that’s said to provide the best service on the market. Users, however, are disappointed with the retirement on Hotmail, so Redmond might actually do more harm than good to its email user base.

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