The Windows 8 Effect: Samsung Dumps Windows RT Tablets in Some Parts of Europe

The company will no longer sell the ATIV Tab in Germany, other European countries

Windows RT has often been criticized for its lack of applications, so some companies actually decided to stay away from this particular operating system and embrace the Android platform.

Even though Microsoft promised to bring many more apps in the Windows Store, that’s yet to happen, so poor demand is heavily affecting Windows RT devices sales.

The demand is so slow that Samsung has decided to stop selling the ATIV Tab, its own device running Windows RT, in Germany and some other countries, Heise Online reports.

Samsung has recently confirmed that it has no intentions to bring its RT tablet in the United States, citing not only the poor demand, but also the confusion surrounding the operating system as the two main reasons behind its decision.

At this time, the some European dealers are still selling the ATIV Tab RT but, as far as Samsung is concerned, no other units shall be sold starting today.

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