There’s No Major Difference Between Windows 7 and Windows 8, SMBs Claim

A new report indicates that businesses aren’t attracted by the new Windows 8

Microsoft doesn’t want to provide updated sales figures for Windows 8, but here’s another research which seems to confirm that many users are actually staying away from the new operating system.

Spiceworks has asked a total of 1,000 mid-sized businesses about their plans to migrate to Windows 8, revealing that 36 percent of the respondents see no major improvements in this new software over its predecessor.

When it comes to those who wish to stay away from Windows 8, 57 percent of them agreed that it offers no real advantage over the current operating systems, while 2 out of 3 businesses admitted they are currently giving Windows 8 a try on a testing workstation.

As for the respondents who like Windows 8, the top reasons for adopting the new OS include the increased speed, improved security and better manageability.

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