This Is Probably the Most Awkward Windows 8 Ad You’ll Ever See – Video

Microsoft rolls out a new video to promote its operating system

Ever since Windows 8 was officially released in October 2012, Microsoft started a global marketing blitz that included online ads, TV spots and plenty of campaigns.

To be honest, most of the ads I’ve seen since October have been quite catchy, even though they were saying pretty much the same thing: buy Windows 8, use Picture Password, get a Surface, touch support is great.

And now, the tech giant has apparently embraced a completely new advertising concept. One that’s really awkward, that is.

While I can’t actually talk too much about this ad since the only Japanese word I know is “sake,” it’s definitely an uncanny way to tell users that Windows 8 is a fast and beautiful operating system.

The funny thing is that Microsoft has initially published this ad on YouTube, but the company removed it quickly after that, which most likely means that they accidentally rolled it out a bit too soon.

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