Top Crashing App in Windows 8: File Explorer, Soluto Survey Reveals

Windows 8 users experience an average of 3.1 application crashes per month

According to the Soluto web service, at the head of the list of apps that crash most often on Windows 8 is none other than the operating system’s file manager, File Explorer.

The survey is not new but it is getting automatic updates to the earlier results and thus the numbers will get more relevant in time. It shows that File Explorer still accounts for 18.3% of all application crashes a Windows 8 user experiences in a month.

Hot on its heels is the video calling utility from Facebook, with 18.1%. iTunes for Windows is also on the list, with 14.3%.

As Soluto’s Chief Product Officer, Roee Adler, explained to us, all metrics regarding Windows 8 are based only on the RTM and later versions of the operating system.

Also included in the survey are details about top crashing apps on Windows 7, with Google Drive leading the pack with 28.9% and Mozilla Firefox rounding it up with 15.1%.

Of significant importance is that the average number of application crashes per month is a lot lower on Microsoft’s latest operating system (3.1) than on Windows 7 (7.1).

The same survey shows that non-responsive events are also fewer on Windows 8 than on 7, with 1.7/month versus 10.9/month.

Furthermore, based on the statistics gathered by Soluto on the average number of blue screens occurring on Windows 8 (0.28 per month), one could say that the new OS is more stable than its predecessor, which recorded 0.33 BSODs in the same period of time. Curiously, old Windows XP has the lowest number, with 0.26 crashes a month.

All the details are obviously determined by the fact that Windows 8 is still freshly launched and only 3.12% of the Soluto community adopted it, compared to the 69.7% that use Windows 7.

Results have been crunched from data provided by the Soluto community and, according to the company, take into account hundreds of thousands of machines.


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