TweetWerks Twitter Client for Windows 8 Available for Download

Yet another Twitter client lands in the Windows Store

Twitter is yet to release the official application for Windows 8 platforms, so adopters of Microsoft’s new operating system have no other option than to stick to third-party clients.

TweetWerks is one of the newest Twitter clients, coming with a long list of features that should make the application one of the top choices when it comes to using this social platform.

The app allows you to access the timelines and mentions, while also providing easy to use features to post new messages and search tweets or people.

The interface is fully customizable, letting you choose the columns you wish to see in the first screen. Almost everything can be pinned to Start, the developers guarantee.

Last but not least, the app comes with TwitLonger and shrink URLs tools, as well as with auto-completion on tweets and hashtags. It works on x64, x86 and ARM devices.

Click here to view the TweetWerks product page in your browser.

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