Tweetro+ for Windows 8 Gets Important Update, Download Now

The application now boasts full compatibility with Twitter API 1.1

If you’re a Windows 8 early adopter, you’re probably familiar with Tweetro’s story, the utterly popular Twitter client that became the victim of its own success.

The app is still available in the Store with a $9.99 (€7.65) price tag and, starting today, it boasts new options and important bug fixes to make it work even more smoothly on all Windows 8 devices.

In addition to timeline bookmarking and options to directly open tweet links in the default web browser, Tweetro+ also boasts compatibility with Twitter API 1.1, which will become a key requirement for all clients starting March 5.

“As of the 5th of March, Twitter will be enforcing Version 1.1 of their API and hence all previous versions of Tweetro+ may cease to function correctly. To avoid any issues, please install this update as soon as possible,” the official release notes explained.

Click here to view the updated product page of Tweetro+ in your browser.

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