Updated Windows 8 Weather App Available for Download

Microsoft has recently released an update for its built-in Windows 8 weather app

Aside from the Patch Tuesday updates for Windows 8, Microsoft has also released a bunch of updates aimed at the pre-installed Modern apps available on its latest operating system.

The Weather app has been updated with new weather background images and performance enhancements that should provide a smoother experience on all x86, x64 and ARM Windows 8 devices.

In addition, the new build comes with updates to historical weather information, but also with additional details including sunrise and sunset.

Although the app was already providing detailed weather forecasts hour by hour for up to 10 days, Microsoft said that it has released some updates for this particular feature too.

Keep in mind, however, that some of these new features may not be available in all markets. If you wish to download and install the new version, simply open the Windows Store and check out the “Updates” section.

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