Users Need to Touch a Surface Tablet to Feel Its Magic – Microsoft

That’s why so many Microsoft stores have been created, an exec says

Ever since the Redmond-based technology company Microsoft rolled out the Surface RT in October 2012, it has been constantly calling for users to pay a visit to its stores and try out the device.

That’s why so many stores have been created in the last months, Peter S. Klein, Microsoft's chief financial officer, said at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference.

“People really need to touch and see and play with it,” he was quoted as saying by PCMag.

Microsoft’s decision to make the Surface available at more retailers is actually just another attempt to bring the device closer to its buyers, as users clearly need to give the tablet a spin before buying it.

Microsoft stores, for example, allowed consumers to test the Surface Pro one week before launch, even though no pre-order program had been released.

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